Sunday, July 3, 2011 Global Ecommerce Partnership

Recently, Lotdotmy Sdn Bhd ( has decided to come up with the " Global Partnership Program".

Below are the details about it:-

What is Lot Global Partnership Program

Lotdotmy Sdn Bhd is the company that owns the e-comerce platform at We plan to grow our business to other countries via our Global Partnership Program. Our target is to operate in 20 countries within the next five years. We adopt a Partnership concept to create business opportunities and team up with enterprising entrepreneurs and companies from around the world. Due to the nature of this business, there will only be one Partner in each country.

Global Partnership Benefits

The Partners will be provided with the following:-

(a) A Website:
a. Initial setup of the sales website
b. Minor website adjustments to suit the local market

(b) A System:
a. Initial setup of the e-commerce system
b. Minor system adjustments to suit the local market
c. Installation, maintenance and support of the system technical aspects
d. Continuous upgrades of system features

(c) Product knowledge training

Meanwhile, the Partners shall be held accountable for the:

(a) Marketing & sales in the Partner’s respective country
(b) Daily operation management in the Partner’s respective country
(c) Customer support service in the Partner’s respective country
(d) Translation of the User Manuals and Website Contents into the Partner’s local languages

In conclusion, you don’t have to worry about hiring a single technical expert. Let us handle the hassle for you.

Global Partnership Revenue Model

Interested applicants must pay a one-off initial startup fee of USD5000 as a sign of commitment to the partnership. The payment must be made AFTER the necessary agreements have been signed and stamped. Lotdotmy Sdn Bhd and its Partners will have a revenue sharing model for the Partnership.

Who to Contact?

If you are interested in exploring the Lot Global Partnership, please contact me, Alif (alif[at], the Director of Global Partnership Program.


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I really impressed with this post by knowing advantages of global partnership program. There are really great advantages of global partnership program to make our life easier to buy anything online.

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