Thursday, December 16, 2010

Do You Have What It Takes To Be An Internet Entrepreneur?

Many people dream about becoming the next Mark Zuckerberg. However, 95% of bloggers have fewer than five visitors to their website in a given week. Of course, many bloggers just want to share a few stories and pictures and couldn’t care less about becoming an Internet entrepreneur, much less Mark Zuckerberg. Still, it is clear that many Internet entrepreneurs don’t have what it takes to really be successful.

Most of us would probably attribute the success of an Internet entrepreneur to raw intelligence. This is most likely not the case. The success of an Internet marketer usually boils down to their frame of mind, rather than their mind itself. Here are some of the important traits that distinguish them from the wannabe bloggers who will never get anywhere in the field.

They have a huge drive

Internet marketing is not for the faint of heart. You need to be highly ambitious just to get by. If you want to truly be successful, then you may need to almost be mistaken for being narcissistic (thankfully, you probably don't have to go quite that far).

Being a successful Internet entrepreneur takes a lot of effort. If you are going to succeed in the field, you need to know that you really want it before you ever write a single blog post or line of code.

They are willing to wait for result

The process of setting up a WordPress blog can take a matter of minutes. Theoretically, if you created one interesting post that a hundred million people read, then you could be a million overnight. How many times has this actually happened, though?

One of the rules of thumb for an online entrepreneurs is that it will take you about three months to make a full-time income from your online business, if you play your cards right. You have to secure your position in the search engines and build a following. You need a strong brand and trust. This involves making regular contributions to both your blog and other communities you have joined.

If you need to make money right away, then a career in Internet marketing is not for you.

They have the right attitude

This is probably the most complex element of being a successful Internet entrepreneur, because it summarizes everything and anything. In a nutshell, their attitude needs to carry over into how they deal with both themselves and everyone else.

They are optimistic about achieving their goals. At the same time, they know how to reach out to others and are persistent about following through with commitments. They also are also tactful and understanding of their customers. A good Internet entrepreneur will place the needs and desires of others in their network before themselves, every time.

I honestly don’t know if these skills can really be learned. New scientific evidence suggests that genius is more about determination than innate cognitive abilities. Some people are just born with a drive that the rest of society doesn't have. The bottom line is that you need to sincerely ask yourself if you have what it takes to be a true Internet entrepreneur before you commit to the madness and sacrifices that you must go through before you can reach your dreams.

Credit - Young Entrepreneur


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