Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Tips # 5 Don't Forget to Cross-Sell

In your product details, please do cross-selling. You can cross selling by displaying similar and related products to the one that your customer is currently viewing. The good news is allowed you to do all this easily.

Customers don't always know exactly what they want or need. To solve this problem, take a cue from traditional retail stores. Think about how they group particular items together so that customers can compare similar items or purchase related products. Online stores should duplicate this practice by displaying alternative or complimentary products that the customer has selected.

For example, if you're are selling Malaysia home jersey, make sure you show other type of items that related to Malaysian  team. You can display Malaysia away jersey, polo shirt, women shirt and more.

Be creative on how you want to cross sell. Here are some do and don't for cross selling.

  • Only feature highly relevant items such as accessories directly related to the product
  • Choose items that sell well and have higher margins whenever possible
  • Keep your cross-sells down to four suggestions. This seems to be the magic number to create interest while not overwhelming or distracting your customer from making a choice
  • Whenever possible, show the most obvious choices someone would want to go along with their purchase such as a matching necklace to go along with diamond earrings
  • Continually test your cross-selling tactics and work at improving them for maximum effectiveness
  • Never, ever, show items that are not directly related to the main product
  • Don’t show items that are out of stock
  • Don’t use cross-selling to simply try unloading unwanted inventory. The goal is to maximize your overall sales totals and conversion rates. Unwanted inventory can have its own area on your site such as a Clearance or Specials section
  • Don’t try cross-selling big-ticket items. As a general rule the cross-sell should be in the range of 10% to 25% of the price of the original item on the product page
Remember, cross selling is one of the key to sell more!


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