Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Tips #4 As Detailed As Possible

Today I would like you to suggest you to include plenty of product details to your product description.

Unlike brick and mortar stores (shops on the street), ecommerce websites do not allow customer to check or try out the product. Make sure your customer know exactly what they are getting by providing detailed product description. Remember, you rely on your product descriptions to convince customers to buy your product.
Make the product description as detailed as possible. Here is the list of product details you can include
  • Size and Measurements
    Always include height, width, and depth of your product. It always good to make size comparison of the product (example: You can fill the lunch box with 8 slices of bread)
  • Color and Pattern
    Colors should be described precisely because colors can be displayed differently on computer monitors. You can write "pale baby pink", "medium rose pink", or "hot fuchsia pink" to describe the exact shade of pink. If your item has a pattern, you should make every effort to describe it in detail. You could also display the close-up photo of the pattern.
  • Materials
    Your product description should include what the item is made from. This lets the customer know several things that may be of interest before they make a purchase: whether they like the fabric, possible allergies, durability, weight, and feel.
  • Options Available
    If customers have a choice when it comes to a particular product, you should make that known clearly in the product description. Size and color are two possible options. With, these choices can be easily included with a drop down box. Feel free to take full advantage of this feature.
  • Possible Usage
    Customers may not be swayed to buy an item by reading the basic product description alone. A good rule of thumb is to mention a possible use for the item you are trying to sell. "This shirt is great for running marathon!" or "The Enviropurer will reduce dust and dirt in your baby's room" or "The Navi GPS can help you find a petrol station nearby".
  • Features Details
    If the shirt you are selling has pearl buttons and a ruffle on the collar, you should tell the customer that. If the stereo equipment has a bass boost and mp3 capabilities, you should make that known. Every detail of your product can help people decide whether they want to purchase the item or not.
In addition, don't forget Tips # 2, to include many photos of your product.

Writing a quality product description is very important. While most ecommerce sites lack articles and other keyword rich content, they get most of their copy from the product descriptions. Write them well, and they will attract visitors to your site, and turn those visitors into paying customers.


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