Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Tips #1 Just Do It

There are so many tips and tricks to successfully run online store. I'm planning to share a new one (or more) out each week as time permits. If you have any tips to share jut drop me an email at Here is the first tips.

For all those who have long been thinking and researching and planning to start an online business but haven't entered the ecommerce world yet, now is the time to do it.

Don't hesitate, stop procrastinating and planning, get started and you'll learn more about your brand and your customers in months than you would do otherwise in years.

"Cari ilmu dan juga perbaiki perniagaan kita along the way. Tak perlu tunggu sampai segala-galanya 100% perfect!" - Irfan Khairi

The forecasts for ecommerce in 2010 look good. Projections indicate that ecommerce will continue to grow even if the economy hasn’t yet fully recovered from the downturn. This can be attributed to many factors but all of which point to the same conclusion: this is a good time to start a profitable online business. If you’ve got an income opportunity home based business idea, don’t just sit on it – start a profitable online business now!

Make 2010 the year when you actually keep to your resolutions by making resolutions which will bring real, genuine, tangible rewards so you are celebrating your online store's success this time next!


Anonymous said...

hai...saya tak pandai sangat bi nie...blh tak tolong saya mcm mana nak bina satu blog or satu laman untuk mempromosikan sebuah perniagaan herba?
saya nak tolong ibu saya menjual pokok herba dia tapi saya mati akal lah nak buat macam mana...

Akmal Akhpah on January 31, 2010 at 8:56 PM said...

Idea blog tu boleh diterima. Cuba bina satu laman blog yang terangkan mengenai kelebihan herba-herba tersebut. Lebih utamakan blog itu unutk kongsi pengetahuan. Jangan terlalu fokuskan blog tu 100% pada produk tersebut sahaja. kemudian cuba promote blog tu kepada kenalan-kenalan. Blog ni cuma satu cara sahaja, boleh juga guna media lain seperti facebook, email marketing dan forum.

Lady Antz on December 8, 2010 at 9:47 PM said...

good one. i think the word 'just do it' is a superb motto for new enterpreneur ;)


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