Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How to Double Your Business in Any Economy

For a lot of entrepreneurs all over the world, times are tough. Unemployment is high, prices are high, debt is high, it’s difficult to get financing, and even some of the largest companies haven’t been able to weather the storm. But it’s not all doom and gloom out there. Some companies have actually been thriving through the economic challenges of the past few years. How do they do it? What does it take to not only survive but grow when others are failing?

You might think we’re talking about industries that tend to do well in a down economy, like dollar stores or other discount businesses, but you might be surprised at some of the companies that have taken the lemons of this economic climate and turned them into lemonade – premium lemonade!

A Shining Example

One such company is Blue Fountain Media, a website design, development and online marketing company based in New York City. Far from being a discount service provider, this 5-Star Dun and Bradstreet rated firm produces award winning work (including web design, branding, communications, and all aspects of online marketing) for some very high-end clients, which include the likes of the National Football League, the New York Yankees, O: The Oprah Magazine, Public Broadcasting System (PBS), Proctor & Gamble, and the U.S. Mint, to name a few. In addition to working with larger established companies and institutions, Blue Fountain Media assists startups and not-for-profit organizations in a wide variety of fields and industries, from beauty and fashion to health issues.

So how have they done it? “I strongly believe that difficult economic times are the best times to grow your business,” says Gabriel Shaoolian, Blue Fountain Media CEO & founder. “When times are tough, every penny a firm spends is critical. Companies come to us because we have earned a reputation for delivering substantial return on their investment.”

Gabriel hits the nail on the head when it comes to how to thrive in any economic climate. Smart buyers – especially business people – are always more concerned with value than price, and that’s never more true than when finances are tight. Just as Gabriel and Blue Fountain Media have done, any entrepreneur can thrive, regardless of the economy, if they can communicate superior value to their clients and potential clients. It’s about giving people more than they expect for their dollar – going above and beyond to provide a product or service that has a higher perceived value than the actual cost. When you can do that, what you’re offering looks like a bargain, whatever the price tag might say.

One factor Shaoolian points out as key to his company’s success is his staff. “When your employees take that much pride in the work they do – and feel personally invested in the company – the results are amazing,” says Shaoolian. “The people who own the company are the people who work here.”

What it Takes

The key to doubling your business in any economic climate? Provide amazing value and leave your audience with no doubt about that value. How do you do that? Bring in the best people to execute the work, and treat them well enough to want to stay and give your customers their all. The formula isn’t easy, but it’s simple, and if Blue Fountain is any indication of potential results, it’s obviously well worth the effort.



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