Sunday, September 11, 2011

Do You Market Solutions, Or Just Stuff?

People don’t really want your products. They’re not out searching for your service.

They want easier lives. They want to be entertained. They want their struggles extinguished and their problems solved.

This, then, is how you sell to them with email marketing: solve those problems. Stamp out those struggles.

Focus on meeting people’s needs in a way that positions your product or service as their solution. In other words, do what these eight marketers did.

Selling Solutions

These businesses had jackets, tickets, and memberships to sell. But they knew better than to just send a message saying, “Stuff on Sale!” Instead of stuff, they sold:


Every morning, most women, many men, nearly every girl and even a handful of boys stand in front of their mirrors and demand, “What should I wear today?”

Usually, the mirror doesn’t answer back. So Neiman Marcus did instead.

With five new outfit ideas, shoppers need to find a way to recreate the looks themselves. And since they’re already on the Neiman Marcus site…


Instead of tickets, Brooks & Dunn present something fun to do with your pals. They even offer free tickets (and a party bus!) to one lucky winner.

You don’t necessarily need a giveaway (though they’re a great way to ramp up interest). The key here: if you’re selling an experience, keep the focus off the fees and on the fun.


With the subject line “Could you use more time?”, The Container Store pretty much guaranteed themselves a high open rate.

Find a way to grant your subscribers that most precious of commodities, and they’ll not only want to click the “buy” button, they’ll be grateful to.

Street Savvy

The Motorcycles Only newsletter shares pro riding tips so bikers can talk the talk with the biggest and the toughest.

The best part? The email doesn’t actually give the answer – it explains the question further, then leads readers back to the site!

Kid-Friendly Recreation

Harry & David sells pre-assembled gifts, delivered straight to the recipient. It’s a perfect holiday option for busy families.

And since happy kids make happy parents, H & S threw in an activity for the little ones – with a prize designed to promote their signature product.


REI had GPS units to sell, so they repackaged them as opportunities to “Navigate With Confidence.”

And the rest of the subject line promises “Easy-to-Use GPS Units.” Not only is your journey safe (your GPS will keep you on the beaten path) it’s also easy – perfectly manageable for the everyday consumer.

Parenting Solutions

Giggle knows that parents worry when their tots embark on a liquid diet or a three-month PBJ binge. especially with childhood obesity rates burgeoning in some areas of the globe.

With their “healthy eaters” broadcast, Giggle offers not only the products that can help, but suggestions for how to use them.

Try It Yourself

The key to selling solutions is first finding out what your subscribers want, then figuring out how your products can deliver it. Ask yourself:

1. “What do I have?” Make a list of your assets – long weekend hours, quirky salespeople, an overstock of flat irons.

2. “What do they need?” Consider basic human needs – safety, friendship, freedom. Then ask what your customer base wants – foolproof site editing, ways to impress their coworkers, a good night’s sleep?

Now match them up. And when you’re ready to make the sale, remember to explain what buyers will really be getting!

Resource - Aweber


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